Ukraine: Who Are The Vostok Battalion?

Putin have repeatedly demanded that Kiev must stop its “punitive” operations in East Ukraine and that it must pull out its troops. But, the imperialistic autocratic ruler who is forcing former Soviet states into his so called union of federations have still members of the GRU and Spetznaz in a country which is not his. The international community fails to focus on their presence as they only demand to Putin that he must remove his troops from the border with Ukraine.

In fear that he (Putin) would be forced to admit that his GRU and Spetznez forces are in East Ukraine for weeks, Putin asked the Chechen dictator Kadyrov and the South Ossetians for help in the misleading the west about the Russian presence. Kadyrov send his Vostok Battalion while denying that his men are in East Ukraine.

Who are they?

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Sevastopol navy head quarter seized

Pro-Russians have helped to cover up a act of war

Comment is in the video

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UPDATE – UKRAINE – Putin’s 2nd Passport War – pro-Russian Crimeans: citizens or expats?

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Ukraine: Russia Today Exposed


RT is the worse inflammatory and biased we came across on You Tube. When it comes to the current event in Ukraine, RT’s activities have nothing to do with journalism but with ordinary information pornography. It’s the same kind of junk as those of its counterpart in the US (Fox News) who give journalism a bad name.

Why these two videos?

RT seems not quite really to know what building they are reporting about. First it is a parliament while weeks later it is the Interior Ministry.

About the 2nd video:

The incident about gunmen who attacked the building? Yes, there were gunmen but not from Kiev or elsewhere in Ukraine. We have that footage RT doesn’t show you. And, we find out that it was too well organized, too professional. It was a 100 % a operation. Military operation in civil clothes. Too disciplined. To us? Russian commandos who indeed attacked overnight. However, it didn’t take place on March 1, 2014 but 5 days earlier!

You can watch in our 1 hour witness video filled with footage, including that “famous”security cam video RT is talking about but not shows this report.

The missing security cam video can be watched here: as part of a 1 hour video to give the viewer a idea what really might have happened.


The use of the two RT videos is in line with the international law on copyrights and is within the frame of the Bern Convention as well as having the right to use the material for educational purposes. In this case/post: journalism on the internet

Crimea and Russia have a long history. It dates back to tsar Peter The Great as he was one of the first Russian rulers who have had a fleet there.

But, it is not not about history as pro-Russians in Crimea seems to believe. It’s about something different.

Putin’s long life desire is a union like the European Union. But he needs Ukraine to forfill his union dream as the country is the largest and most strategic of all other countries which are already part of the no-name union. Countries which rarely do trading with the European Union..

When Yanukovych almost reached a close deal with the EU, Putin saw his dream going up in smoke. So, he started to pressure the Ukrainian president economically which forces Yanukovych to into the Russian bear’s claws.

That have led into a months long protest, the fleeing of Yanukovych and finally the invasion of Crimea by Putin to secure the Black Sea Fleet.

Now, Putin launches the same campaign he have used in South Ossetia in 2008: giving all pro-Russian Crimeans a Russian passport so that he can give himself a excuse that his troops are on the island to protect these people.

On March 1, 2014 Putin’s request to the Duma to use military force on Ukraine soil has been approved. However, Crimea does not belong to Russia. Russia only have a contract for using parts of Crimea such as airport and a few harbors which has been extended to 2042 in return for gas price reduction.

But, even when there is a new government, Russia must oblige itself to the gas contract but it is considering to review it. If Moscow plans to do so then Kiev have the right to reconsider the contract for the use of places in Crimea by Russia.

Moscow also have signed the 1992 Agreement which guarantees the sovereignty of the State of Ukraine. That agreement has now been violated by the approval by the Russian Duma. No country have the right to vote over the right to act in another country. Not the United States, not even Russia. Only when a country ask one of them for help.

Well, Ukraine did not ask Russia for help because it is namely the cause of all the problems in Ukraine since November 2013.

What the world doesn’t realize is that we all are witnessing a bad looser at play: Putin.

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Armed men seize Crimea airport in Ukraine

Ousted president expected to address press conference as pro-Russia armed men take over main airport in Simferopol.

The main airport in Simferopol in Ukraine’s eastern Crimea region is continuing to operate normally hours after it was seized by pro-Russian armed men who had also taken over government buildings in the region in a direct challenge to authorities in the capital Kiev following president Viktor Yanukovich’s ouster.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee, reporting from Crimea, said on Friday the men, who entered the airport, were departing.

At least 40 pro-Moscow armed men had earlier annexed a number of government buildings in Crimea, a region with a Russian ethnic majority.

“I can see four trucks, which I assume are filled with men, leaving the airport,” Lee said, adding that at least nine armed men, dressed in combat fatigues, were still inside the airport.

He added that air traffic was kept “on time and schedule, some way or another.”

Another Al Jazeera correspondent, Robin Forestier-Walker said “the reason for coming here may have been to assess whether the new administration in Kiev has sent down any military aircraft or troops to Simferapool”. Reports said that another military airport had also been taken over by the armed men.

“We don’t know who they are, or where they are from,” he said, describing the situation as “worrying.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s pro-Moscow ousted president is expected to hold his first public appearance since his disappearance last week.

Yanukovich has apparently been emboldened by the takeover of government buildings by the armed groups.

Yanukovich – who fled Kiev last week following weeks of deadly protests – is due to give a press conference in Russia’s southwestern city of Rostov-on-Don on Friday at 1300 GMT, the Agence-France Presse reported citing Moscow’s three main news agencies.

Autonomous region

Oleksander Turchynov, the acting Ukraine president who has replaced Yanukovich, told parliament he had ordered troops and police to take “all measures” needed to protect Ukrainian citizens after the apparent pro-Russian takeover of buildings.

Turchynov’s statement also gave warning that any movement by Russian military forces in the Crimean Black Sea port of Sevastopol, would be considered a “military aggression”.

The area has been closed off “to prevent bloodshed”, according to news agency AFP.

“Measures have been taken to counter extremist actions and not allow the situation to escalate into an armed confrontation in the centre of the city,” Arsen Avakov, Ukraine interior minister, said.

Meanwhile, Crimea’s autonomous parliament has set a referendum on the region’s status on May 25, according to AFP, which is the same day during which the new government in Kiev is set to hold fresh presidential elections.

The autonomous government of Crimea still considers Yanukovich to be Ukraine’s president.

Vladimir Konstantinov, speaker of Crimea’s parliament, said on Thursday the autonomous republic appointed a new prime minister, Sergei Aksenov, with Yanukovich’s approval.

“There are political factions, pro-Russian groups, who want Crimea to break away, and have less to do with the Kiev,” Al Jazeera’s Forestier-Walker said. “But there are also those who want to stay firmly part of Ukraine, in particular the ethnic Tartar community, who want to see themselves part of Europe.”

Escalating tensions

Chuck Hagel, US defence secretary, warned of escalation of tension between Ukraine and Russia.

Speaking at a NATO meeting in Brussels, he said that the US was watching Russian military movements closely, and urged the country not to take any action on Ukraine that could be misinterpreted “at a time of great tension”.

David Cameron, UK prime minister, also asked Russia on Thursday to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

“Every country should respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. Russia has made that commitment and it’s important that Russia keeps its word,” he said.

For his part, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, said he had received assurances from his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, who “reaffirmed President Putin’s statement that Russia will respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“We believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocation.”

Ukraine’s interim government has issued an arrest warrant for Yanukovich, accusing him of being responsible for the deaths of at least 70 protesters on February 21 protests in Kiev.

The parliament had voted on Tuesday to send Yanukovich, if captured, to stand trial for “serious crimes” at the International Criminal Court.



GHSR military analysts identified the so called “pro-Russian armed men” at the airports as real Russian soldiers in complete combat gear but without wearing any marks. It strongly believes that Putin is heading to a scenario similar to that of South Ossetia in 2008.

Russia is now acting against the Laws on Sovereignty & Independence while ignoring that the so called “pro-Russians” are not Russian nationals but still citizens of Ukraine. Moscow cannot not claim that these people are “ours” as they are only kindred.

If these people want to be part of Russia, they should leave Ukraine and move to the country they feel as their own.

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Ukraine – Evromaydan Protest: December 2013 Summary [2 hrs]

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